The Eighties

The big jump

Uli Spiess’s (AUT) long jump over the Camel Hunches on December 15, 1980 was considered sensational. With a speed of 100 km/h this athlete made a 70 m jump right over the last two hunches, "flying" 10 m high. (For more details, click here). Lots of competitors tried to copy him and ran into bad accidents, like Peter Müller (SUI), Anton Jimmy Steiner (AUT), "Much" Mayr (ITA), and Giorgio Pantanida (ITA). As a consequence, the OC, backed by FIS, decided to to shorten the jump to 50-60 m "only". The great Marc Girardelli, however, was never tempted to try the jump and created his own line which to this very day is called the "Girardelli line". (more over the jump)

Club 5

In 1987, the Saslong race was the second event (after Val d’Isère) to open the circuit of the 5 "classic" downhills, i.e. "Big 5", after Rich Demetz’s and Herwig Grosch’s (Kitzbühel OC) idea. Their intention was to put these five races on Europe’s most famous slopes (Daille " Val d’Isère, Saslong " Gardena/Gröden, Lauberhorn " Wengen, Streif " Kituzbühel, and Kreuzeck -- Garmisch-Partenkirchen to top level world wide. After a FIS intervention, the name "Big 5" was modified into "Club 5"). For more information of Club5+ click here.