The Nineties

When in 1993 a genuine outsider, Markus Foser (LIE) had won the downhill, the starting time was definitely delayed to 12.45 when virutally identic light conditions would be available for all the competitors. The most outstanding fact of the past ten years was certainly the technical and the technological development: Competitors improved their performances, manufacturers their hard-ware and the organizers the slopes. A direct consequences of these improvements was the necessity to "defuse" some of the fastest and most insidious parts of the slope by slightly changing the line, by enlarging the "walls" and the entering of the "Ciaslat". By doing this, the track has been brought back to its natural morphology, increasing the technical demands of this classical course. Thanks to these achievements, the Saslong has remained one of the few courses world wide where the running time has stayed above the two minutes.

The Future

The Saslong Cable Car Company wants to complete its plans of enlarging the slope, including the finish schuss. Once completed, together with the new electronically-deviced snow making equipment and the completed finish building inaugurated in 1998, the Saslong will be one of the most complete and reliable courses of the entire World Cup Circuit.