Thu. 14. Jul. 2016

Carinthian fans in Val Gardena

The Austrian speed specialist Oti Striedinger has probably the biggest fan club in the FIS World Cup. In Val Gardena, it certainly was the most striking which is why it also won  the 1st prize at the Fan Club competition for the second consecutive year.

Tue. 21. Jul. 2015

Oti Striedinger Fan Club Hikes in Val Gardena/Gröden

The 120 followers of the Carinthian ski ace were unbeatable in December's famous fan parade with their wooden helmets, colorful jackets and battle cry: "Oti, Oti, Oti." They prevailed against 24 other clubs taking home their first victory in the World Cup fan club competition. The first prize consisted..

Mon. 29. Sep. 2014

f.l.: Genni Tschurtschenthaler, Roman (Driver Fan bus), Martina Gruber, Claudia Andersag, Patrick Schwienbacher, Heini Paris, Joe Kaserer, Andreas Paris, Günter Comploj, Daniela Holzknecht, and Claudia Rifesser. Front: Helmut Klotz and Dagmar Gruber

Fan Club the “Heilousn” redeem the Winner’s Prize

The "Heilousn" from Ulten in South Tyrol won the 2013 World Cup Fan Competition in Val Gardena/Gröden. The Fan Club of Vice World Champion Dominik Paris and Siegmar Klotz captured the second gold in a row. Its members redeemed the 1st prize at the end of September.

Sun. 13. Oct. 2013

Fan Club “The Heilousn” hosted in Gardena/Gröden

In early October, Vice World Champion Dominik Paris and Team Colleague Siegmar Klotz were hosted in Gardena/Gröden along with 25 members of their fan club to redeem the victory in the Fan Parade.

Sat. 15. Dec. 2012

Two is Better Than One: Klotz/Paris Fun Club Wins

Siegmar Klotz and Dominik Paris might not have excelled on the course today but their fan club was named the winner of this year’s fan club competition in Gardena/Gröden.

Mon. 10. Sep. 2012

Fan club "Silvan Zurbriggen" at Val Gardena/Gröden

The traditional excursion with the winning World Cup Fan Club took place this past weekend. The “Silvan Zurbriggen” Fan Club prevailed with an impressive performance against a strong European Fan Club field this winter.

Sat. 17. Dec. 2011

Silvan Zurbriggen’s fan club

Fan club repeats Zurbriggen’s previous year’s win

Silvan Zurbriggen’s fan club won this year’s Gardena/Gröden fan club parade. Seeing as the Downhill race was cancelled this year, Zurbriggen is still the reigning Downhill champion. Next year both fans and racer can return to Gardena/Gröden as titleholders.

Mon. 25. Jul. 2011

“Sarone con gli azzurri” Fan Club redeems its 1st price in Gardena/Gröden

On Sunday, July 24th, the Italian Fan Club “Sarone con gli Azzurri” redeemed its 1st Fans Festival 2010 prize.

Sat. 18. Dec. 2010

"Sarone con gli azzurri"

Sarone wins 2010 Fan Club Prize

Italian’s might not have been able to shine on the race course this past weekend here at the World Cup in Gardena-Gröden placing far from the podium. So it was left to the fans to keep the Italian flag flying high with the Sarone Fan Club, a group supporting all Italian athletes, capturing the 2010 Fan Club Prize.

Sun. 05. Sep. 2010

The Christof Innerhofer Fan Club in Gardena/Gröden

Christof Innerhofer Fan Club wins 1st Prize

The two-times winner of the Fan Club competition, the Christof Innerhofer Fan Club, has claimed its 1st prize on September 4th which consisted of an enjoyable hike through the Dolomite mountains of Gardena/Gröden.

Sat. 19. Dec. 2009

Head to head race at the fan club parade

Unfortunately Christof Innerhofer and Patrick Staudacher were a disappointment at this year’s Downhill race, their fan clubs on the other hand fought an exciting duel at the fan club parade. In the end Innerhofer’s fans just managed to win and repeat last year’s success. The winners receive an excursion with surprise lunch in Gardena/Groedn for all their members in the summer of 2010.

Sat. 19. Sep. 2009

Christof Innerhofer fan club claims its first prize in Gardena-Gröden

“It was pure entertainment”

Christof Innerhofer fan club claims its first prize in Gardena-Gröden:

Sat. 20. Dec. 2008

Consolation prize for Innerhofer: “His Fan Club wins first prize”

This year’s competition for best and most original Fan Club goes to the entourage of Christof Innerhofer. Almost 100 fans came to lend their support to the South Tyrolean skier who finished the race with a delay of just under four seconds. The Club distinguished itself from all others at the Finish by bringing a life-size replica of the skier on a goat-lead wagon.