Presentation of Races in Gardena/Gröden and Alta Badia

The world’s best ski racers will be in attendance in South Tyrol from December 14th to 16th. The 45th Saslong Classic race in Gardena/Gröden is on the docket as well as Alta Badia’s 27th Dolomiti Super Trophy. The Ladin organizers are hosting a combined three races.

The 12th Super-G is scheduled for Friday, December 14th, the 51st Downhill on Saslong for December 15th and the 31st Giant Slalom on the Gran Risa for December 16th.
The start for all speed events is set for 12:15 pm. The training runs are held on Wednesday and Thursday. The Giant Slalom’s first run starts at 9:30 am, the second at 12:30 pm.
The prize money for both World Cup races in Gardena/Gröden is set at €166,000, and for the race in Alta Badia at €104,000.
About 300 media representatives from all over the world are expected in the valleys along with 40 TV networks broadcasting the races live from South Tyrol.

Snow Situation
Race Director Rainer Senoner comments on the snow situation in Gardena/Gröden as follows: “The Saslong is not in racing conditions, yet. But precipitations are forecast for Tuesday through Thursday and the winter is expected to arrive after that meteorological disturbance.” This gives hope to the OC in Gardena/Gröden. Starting Monday, the course crew is in full action to whip the course into race-shape condition. The FIS snow check for the Saslong is set for December 2nd.
“Snow conditions are slightly better in Alta Badia” comments Race Director Andy Varrallo. “This is because a Giant Slalom course is significantly shorter than a Downhill (1,255m vs. 3,446m). We need at least two more cold nights to ensure adequate snow conditions” adds Varallo. Fifteen to 30 crew workers are on rotation in Alta Badia starting next week. “We hope that the weather gods look favorably upon us to help us keep costs to a minimum”. Snow check on the Gran Risa is set for December 7th.
Both Gardena/Gröden as well as Alta Badia will host FIS youth races. A Super-G and a Super Combi is scheduled on the Piz Sella course for December 3rd and 4th along with two Slalom races on the Bambi slope on December 17th and 18th.

“We celebrate our 45th anniversary with novelties tailored towards our younger audiences” says Gardena/Gröden General Manager Stefania Demetz. “We launched our internet image with a redesigned website that is both visually as well as fundamentally tailored towards better social media integration. Furthermore, we are also turning the entire Finish area into a Wi-Fi Hotspot. It is our fans who form the true backbone of the stadium.
“We also redesigned our website” adds Alta Badia OC President Marcello Varallo. “All accredited guests as well as the general public can freely roam the internet at the Finish. This was one of the requirements put forward by the International Ski Federation FIS”.

Both organizing committees are once again offering a wide and interesting array of ticket packages for our audiences. The public tent has been completely overhauled in Gardena/ Gröden and is now called SasLOUNGE offering great options to enjoy the races either in a more relaxed atmosphere or in a more formal environment with fine dining. In Alta Badia, the traditional South Tyrol house is once again set up on the roof terrace of the World Cup building right at the bottom of the Gran Risa. Guests can enjoy delicious South Tyrolean fare while following the ski race up-close. For more information please visit – (Tel. 0471 793 450) und (Tel.0471/83 01 61).

FISI Winter Sport Federation
“The relationship with the Italian winter sport federation FISI has significantly improved thanks to its new president Flavio Roda” say Stefania Demetz and Marcello Varallo in unison. “We finally feel at home again with FISI. We work constructively together and are pulling the ski sport towards the same goal.”