Svindal: "Amazing!"



"I've never been better in Downhill." Read here what Aksel Lund Svindal and the other skiers had to say about today's race.

Aksel Lund Svindal: Downhill winner 1:54.80 

Incredible start in Lake Louise and Beaver Creek, Super-G was fun and amazing. Now two wins in Italy, it’s been unbelievable. You hope to be fast and to win but being fast does not always translate into winning. I like racing in the US and also in Italy. Italy has always been good to me, the crowd gives good support and is clearly Norwegian-friendly. I used to be better in Super-G but I’m better in downhill now than I have ever been before. It’s all about being fast and carrying speed. I try to be the best all the way down, looking for speed in every single section and then hoping to see the green light when I get to the finish. There have been a lot of green lights lately. No time for celebration now and probably not much to celebrate in Alta Badia as I am not as good in the Giant Slalom. The track was very fast today and that makes the technical part much harder. It’s difficult to stay in the line at that speed. Today it also wasn’t as smooth and those rolls can make it even harder to keep your balance, which was key today. But at the end, it doesn’t matter how the course is, it's the fastest who wins. As for what’s next, I know I’m at the Start of the first run in the Giant Slalom. Let’s hope that I will also be there for the 2nd run.

Guillermo Fayed, France: 2nd, 0.44 delay

It is very difficult to beat Svindal this year, but it is also formidable here for me. We watched him on the video and tried to do what he does but he has the talent, he is a champion and we just had a little less speed. Still, I am super pleased to be 2nd today.

Kjetil Jansrud, Norway: 3rd, 0.46 delay

Run was good. It was busy, faster than in the training. Even though we saw that on the TV for the first guys, we were still surprised just how much faster it was today. I made a few mistakes, like other skiers have done too but I am happy to be on the podium. My form is good so far, parts are good, parts could be better. It’s been tough in Lake Louise and now I am getting closer to where I want to be. Being on the podium both days feel good. There are always more steps I can take but I am happy. We’ll see what comes next.

Peter Fill, Italy: 4th, with 0.72 delay

I skied very well at the top and also the rest was ok, albeit a few smaller mistakes. The entry into and exit out of the Ciaslat weren’t optimal but when you’re in tip top shape these errors cost less. A podium place in a home race would of course have been magic, but I am also pleased with my fourth place. I’ve never skied this fast on the Saslong before. It’s going well in the Downhill and I have a great feeling also for the equipment and the overall atmosphere within our team. I can be fast now on courses that posed difficulties before and that makes me confident for the season. Privately I am very happy. I got married, built a house and my second child is on the way. My feeling for the Super-G are not as good as for the Downhill but that will come. I am going to train in Santa Caterina and then I’m off to Madonna di Campiglio where I will be an opening skier for the World Cup slalom. That will prepare me well for the combination races that are still coming this winter. And then there is Christmas. The Norwegians seem unbeatable at the moment, but I will give my best to stay at them!

Erik Guay, Canada: 5th, with 0.90 delay

I had a good race and am pleased. Following my accident I’m still trying to get back my confidence and to establish myself as one of the best Downhill skiers. My performance today was clearly a step in the right direction. I am happy to be back in the World Cup and back in Val Gardena/Gröden. It is a great course that is always in best shape. It’s fun to here.

Dominik Paris, Italy: 13rd, with 1.46 delay

It is not yet going the way I wo,uld like it to, but I am working at it and trying hard. I wanted to fight for a good result today, but unfortunately I didn’t make it. There is one last step missing. I hope to find the right feeling again, which is necessary to be at the top. I have to rediscover my confidence and trust and if I have regained them, my time will go down by at least one second. The airbag? I am not using it. Let’s see, maybe later. I think that it will become mandatary at some point.