Open and closed slopes during world cup week

• Saslong: closed from sunday, dec, 12,  4 p.m till tuesday, dec, 21, 5 p.m.
• Slope B: open during the whole week from Ciampinoi to the finish
• Slope no. 3 and no.4 Ciampinoi: closed from monday, dec,13, 8 a.m till saturday,  dec 18, 1 p.m
• Slope no 5 Ciampinoi: open during the whole week (also without ticket)

You reach the spectators stands at the camel humps trough the slope „B“.

After the races on Friday and Saturday, spectators at the camel humps can reach the finish accompanied by a technician via Saslong slope. 
On saturday skiers can reach Sochers and Ciampinoi only with a valid entrance ticket. Free entrance on Friday.