Secure future for FISI

Luis Durnwalder, president for the county of Bolzano, and FISI president, Gaetano Coppi described their views during a press conference held during the races on Saslong.

Coppi threatened to resign if funds were not provided to assure the national team’s participation in the 2005-2006 sporting events. Durnwalder replied that if the Italian Federation was not able sponsor qualified athletes then either the Independent Region of Bolzano or the European Region of Tyrol would provide fundings to assure the athletes’ participation. In the meantime, government funds have started coming in and Coppi has withdrawn his resignation. Durnwalder believes that this was a voluntary decision, not a false provocation. “I am the sports counsellor for the county of Bolzano, which makes me responsible for our regional athletes and their activities that are not only numerous, they’re serious too. It’s my job to do everything in my power to make sure our athletes get the chances they deserve”. Durnwalder also wanted to point out that relations between the Italian Federation and President Coppi are still in good standings.