Ghedina: „Ice cream anyone?“

Kristian Ghedina takes twelfth place with +1,19 and what’s more, has lost his long standing bet with Franz Klammer which means he’ll be scooping ice cream soon in Carinzia.
Since he didn’t win the DH on Saslong, Kristian Ghedina will have to put off his record breaking attempts until next year. Five victories would have broken the tie between himself and the “Kaiser”. Most of the competitors can blame the wind for having an influence on their performance but Ghedina has an even more original excuse. At a short distance from the finish line, Ghedina saw a deer dash across the race course but luckily he was able to maintain his focus. “I saw it out of the corner of my eye and for a moment thought about going after it”, Ghedina said jokingly and then concluded,” the deer was a special fan of mine, he wanted to give me a high five!”.