Famous camera men

While Kristian Ghedina is celebrating his debut as a camera man, Hans Knauss was able to gain lots of experience last season.

After his first run with a camera, Kristian Ghedina was very surprised: “It’s not actually that easy to race down a slope like the Saslong with a camera in your hands.” Hans Knauss knows what Ghedina is talking about. Since the end of his career the Austrian has been working for the ORF (the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) and this is almost more strenuous than being an active racer. This is no surprise, as Knauss is not only a camera man, but he also follows the races as a co-commentator and does the post race analysis.

Yesterday evening Knauss checked into the press centre. There is no need for great preparation for his job as camera man, at least the outgoing Styrian does not have to do any training runs: “Before the Super G starts I ski down the piste with the camera explaining the key points. That’s actually sufficient for a camera run.” However, Knauss admits that it is not altogether an easy job: “As I also commentate during the run it is rather demanding. In addition to that the Saslong is not just any kind of piste. The key points are quite something, that’s why I keep well away from the Camel Humps.”