“Keen on seeing entrance into Ciaslat”

Retired world class skier Peter Runggaldier from Val Gardena has inspected the Super –G for www.saslong.org. "Because of the two bumps coming into the Ciaslat meadows, it is extremely difficult to keep an ideal line," says "Runggi". The start of the Super-G takes place at 12.15.
“I’m quite keen on seeing how the skiers will take the entrance into the Ciaslat. Because of the many waves it will be very difficult to get a grip on the ideal line,” says Peter Runggaldier. About the piste Runggaldier says: “The snow is very compact, but not icy. The distances between the gates are quite wide, so the Super-G could be quite fast. The transitions should not be taken too widely.” Runggaldier’s favourite is, incidentally, Marco Büchel