Bode Miller: “I’m not that surprised I won”

The twenty-nine year old American from Easton was the star of the press conference in S. Cristina after the race. "I’m sure I have the fastest skis. That’s why I got them."

Whilst talking at the press conference after the race, Bode Miller was not in the least bit worried that he was talking with a mouthful of roast, rice or apple. “Like I already stated immediately after the race, it’s the first run I did perfectly from start to finish just like I had planned. I knew that if I managed to get past the finish line without a mistake, I would stand a chance to win and that’s exactly what happened. It was vital not to make mistakes and especially not to lose speed in the key points of the race. At the end I was, of course, happy, yet not surprised about my win.”
On being asked whether his material played a crucial role in his victory he replied “if I changed my skis to Head, obviously I thought they were better and faster. It seems to me that today’s run confirms this.” Asked whether his performance depended on a longer rest compared to last year, Miller said “it depends on the quality of the rest, certainly not on the number of hours you spend in bed. An athlete’s does not only depend on sleep but the daily diet and training programme, especially during the summer preparation, are also fundamental. My aim now is to stay in this form for as long as possible. The downhill tomorrow will be another challenge for me.”
The twenty-two year old Canadian John Kucera, third in the Super G, commented on his podium positioning: “In the past – he explained – Val Gardena did wonders for famous compatriots of mine such as Rob Boyd and Eric Guay and I am happy to have been able to follow in their footsteps. The piste was very technical and I believe that was to my advantage. I was relaxed and without any external pressure. If I want to be amongst the top racers in tomorrow’s downhill I must, however, ski a cleaner run.
Second place went to thirty-year old Christoph Gruber who showed respect for Bode Miller. “To be only 6/10 of seconds behind a skier of that calibre, who doesn’t make mistakes, is actually not that bad. In the Austrian team there is always a lot of pressure and this second place will hopefully help reduce some of it. At the moment I am mainly pleased for myself. Regarding tomorrow – the Austrian concludes with a grin on his face – we can only hope that Miller makes a mistake…… .”