Downhill: Starting order for tomorrow’s race

The Slovenian Andrj Jerman will open the World Cup Downhill on the Saslong at 12.15 pm Saturday lunchtime.

Tomorrow the highlight of the Val Gardena World Cup week will take place. It will be the 45th time that the best downhill skiers in the world race down the Saslong.

The starting positions for the downhill:
1. Andrj Jerman (SLO)
2. Patrick Staudacher (ITA)
3. Marco Sullivan (USA)
4. Finaly Mickel (GBR)
5. Pierre Emmanuel Dalcin (FRA)
6. Kurt Sulzenbacher (ITA)
7. Scott Macartney (USA)
8. Tobias Gruenenfelder (SUI)
9. Andreas Buder (AUT)
10. Yannick Bertrand (FRA)
11. Manuel Osborne Paradis (CAN)
12. Steven Nyman (USA)
13. Ambrosi Hoffmann (SUI)
14. Francois Bourque (CAN)
15. Christoph Gruber (AUT)
16. Aksel Lund Svindal (NOR)
17. Antoine Deneriaz ((FRA)
18. Mario Scheiber (AUT)
19. Hans Grugger (AUT)
20. Erik Guay (CAN)
21. Didier Defago (SUI)
22. Klaus Kroell (AUT)
23. Didier Cuche (SUI)
24. Peter Fill (ITA)
25. Bruno Kernen (SUI)
26. Hermann Maier (AUT)
27. Bode Miller (USA)
28. Fritz Strobl (AUT)
29. Marco Buechel (LIE)
30. Michael Walchhofer (AUT)