Post office at the press centre

"Poste Italiane" is supporting the Val Gardena World Cup Organizing Committee with 10 multimedia computers, two fax lines and five telephone lines at the press centre.

“Poste Italiane” has been working together with the organizers of the Val Gardena World Cup for a number of years. “Ferdinand Unterkircher (in the centre of the picture), the director of the “Poste Italiane” in South Tyrol, explains. However, their work profile has changed considerably over the last few years. “Three years ago telephone and fax lines were still the journalists’ most important means of communication, whereas now the internet dominates. Only intercontinental communication is still done via our phones.” Unterkircher says.

The post office employees Meinrad Leitner (on the right) and Genoveva Huber (on the left) see to all the needs of the journalists. Leitner and Huber are two of the 1100 post office officials in South Tyrol. The post office is the biggest employer in South Tyrol.