Steven Nyman: “We Americans will surprise you again”

A bit shy, embarrassed by all the attention, Nyman is different face of the American ski team. “Apart from Bode Miller and myself there are also Sullivan and Macartney.”

Excellent physical condition, great sensitivity on skis and the typical face of a “good boy”. Steven Nyman has (nearly) the same technical abilities as his compatriot Bode Miller, but not the same arrogance. “I told Bode who had been whinging about having to sleep in a hotel, that at least he here in Val Gardena got a far bigger room than mine. Perhaps having won here today I will soon be able to have a bigger room during our other World Cup races, too.”

This summer, having had difficulty finding a main sponsor, Nyman tried on ebay to find someone interested in supporting him in the World Cup. “It was mainly family and friends who helped me, but the publicity was really great, even here in Europe.”

Skiing always seemed natural to Nyman. “I started skiing when I was two and the mountains of Sundance where my father manages a ski school, is still the place I like best. Of course I also have other interests, such as skateboard. But I have put that aside a bit as I injured myself quite badly on one leg.”

Here in Val Gardena it took him some time to get used to the piste. “The training sessions didn’t really go that well at the beginning. The second day I even missed the entrance into the Ciaslat meadows. In the Super-G on Friday I began feeling more relaxed and in today’s Downhill I seemed to be flying: mind and equipment worked well together.”

Asked how much he owed Ghedina’s ex ski man Leo Mussi, Nyman responded: “Lots, particularly because I know to have one of the best skimen at my disposal. By the way, I have spoken often to Ghedina in these last few days. He really is a great skier and he will be sourly missed in the ski circus.”