Stefania Demetz: “I am happy, a big thank-you to everyone”

The president of the Val Gardena Organizing Committee, Stefania Demetz, thanked everyone for the good collaboration. “I am very touched to see all the energy put into the organization of the races by a staff that is growing every year. And thank-you to the FIS who didn’t stop believing in us.”
Only ten days ago it was still very uncertain whether the two World Cup races would be able to take place here in Val Gardena. The great team work, particularly on the piste, provided excellent results. “Only a week ago the scenery in Val Gardena still looked very different. In only 48 hours our team made it possible for these two spectacular and exciting races to be held here. I would also like to thank the FIS who never stopped believing in us.”

Asked whether further improvements could be expected for next year, Stefania responded: “Yes, we intend to introduce some novelties. We will be celebrating 40 years World Cup in Val Gardena, another challenge for our team. A big thank-you to everyone and goodbye till next year.”