Work on Saslong completed

The first part of the preparation work on the man's downhill slope Saslong was completed today, Friday, October 13, 2006.
FIS type-A high safety nets have been installed along 3,500 meters of the slope as required by the International Ski Federation. A group of 15 people has been working for the last two weeks under the leadership of Slope Director Mr. Host Demetz to conform the race course to the required safety standards. In addition to setting the safety nets, the team also had to determine the exact location for live cameras, run cables and test the snow machines.
The works on the Saslong slope will resume at the end of November. Over 80 snow machines of the cable car "Saslong" will be available to guarantee appropriate snow levels. Moreover, FIS type-B safety nets will be installed on an additional 1,400 meters of the slope.