News from the Saslong

The online editorial staff of is back in full force as of now and will once again provide live information from the piste during the coming days.

First journalists arrive; online editorial has already began.

There are  still three days to go till the start of the first race on the Saslong and already the first batch of journalists are beginning to arrive  at the World Cup press centre in S. Cristina. Even the online editorial staff of have  already begun writing and researching their first articles.

The press centre in S. Cristina had only been open for an hour (today, Tuesday 12th December) when  the first journalists started arriving at 8.50am. The reporters of RAI and ZDF as well as the Japanese photojournalist Shinihiro Tanaka have already collected their accreditations. In total 300 media representatives are expected  in Val Gardena.

Under the supervision of  press officer Gernot Mussner the online editorial staff of have also begun their work. Coordinated by Thomas Ohnewein,  Max Bona and Heidi and Martina Moser will make sure all the news as well as background information of the practice runs and actual races reach the internet as quickly as possible. The information will also include statements from the various athletes as well as all sorts of interesting facts concerning the Val Gardena World Cup week. Robert Perathoner, Alexander Stuffer and Hans Alton are responsible for photography, whereas Katharina Gräber, Klaus Kaserer and Lucas Malsiner will deal with all technical aspects.