The race and training programme

From tomorrow, Wednesday, 13th December, the Saslong piste will belong exclusively to the world’s best skiers.
Below the training and race programme in detail.

The Val Gardena World Cup week for the world’s fastest ski racers will begin tomorrow with the  slope inspection and the first practice run. On Friday the first race will take place. At the moment it is not certain whether the race will be a Super-G as originally planned.

Tuesday, 12th December:
8pm: Team Captains’ Meeting

Wednesday, 13th December:
9.45 pm: Inspection
12.15 pm: First practice run
5.30 pm: Team Captains’ Meeting

Thursday, 14th December:
12.15 pm: 2nd practice run
5.30 pm: Team Captains’ Meeting

Friday, 15th December:
12.15 pm: Super-G
5.30 pm: Team Captains’ meeting

Saturday, 16th December:
12.15 pm: Men’s Downhill Saslong
2.00 pm: Award Ceremony (Downhill)