Ghedina: „“The last exhibition run on the piste I love most.”

Kristian Ghedina has chosen his favourite piste, the Saslong, to finally say goodbye to the ski circus.

He tackled the Val Gardena Downhill for the last time as forerunner before the first practice run and cameraman for the ZDF.
He admitted it wasn’t very easy racing over the Camel Humps with a camera attached  to his helmet and another one on his skiboots.

“I have a particular affinity with the people from Val Gardena and the Saslong. This is why it was my dream to end my career here in Val Gardena before dedicating myself entirely to my new career as race car driver.” says Ghedina. He would like to participate in the Italian Championships of Superturismo and, if possible, in the European Championships of Formula 3000. “I simply can’t get enough of speed and the adrenalin that goes with it.” says Ghedina with a smile on his face.

On Saturday Ghedina will once again race down the Saslong as forerunner, wearing the same ski boots and suit he had in 1989 when he tackled the Saslong officially for the first time. Exactly 16 years after his first race he will salute the World Cup for the last time on the piste where he obtained 4 victories.

“Saturday’s run will be something very special for me. I would like to use it to thank all my fans who have kept me going all these years. I couldn’t have managed without them.” Ghedina says.

In the spring Ghedina gave up his job as finance officer and has wholeheartedly dedicated himself to car racing. “I have managed to get onto the podium a few times and am quite happy with myself. My only regret is not to have tested a Formula One car”, Ghedina says in total seriousness.