2nd practice run: Results

The complete result table of today’s training session.

Nothing to choose between the top racers, successful racers in the top positions and only one fall – luckily without consequence: This is the result of today’s second practice run for the Downhill on Saturday.

Results table:
1. Didier Cuche (SUI)
2. Ambrosi Hoffmann (SUI)
3. Antoine Deneriaz (FRA)
4. Marco Buechel (LIE)
5. Michael Walchhofer (AUT)
6. Hermann Maier (AUT)
7. Norbert Holzknecht (AUT)
8. Bode Miller (USA)
9. Mario Scheiber (AUT)
10. Francois Bourque (CAN)
11. Bruno Kernen (SUI)
12. Yannick Bertrand (FRA)
13. Andrej Jerbyn (SWE)
14. Kurt Sulzenbacher (ITA)
15. Fritz Strobl (AUT)
16. Hans Olsson (SWE)
17. Patrik Jaerbyn (SWE)
18. Christoph Gruber (AUT)
19. Manuel Osborne-Paradis (CAN)
20. Roland Fischnaller (ITA)
21. Marc Bottollier Lasquin (FRA)
22. Didier Defago (SUI)
23. Aksel Lund Svindal (NOR)
24. Finlay Mickel (GBR)
25. Klaus Kroell (AUT)
26. Andreas Buder (AUT)
27. Rok Perko (SLO)
28. Tobias Gruenenfelder (SUI)
29. Pierre-Emmanuel Dalcin (FRA)
30. Erik Guay (CAN)