DENERIAZ: “I fear the Swiss and the Canadians”

Antoine Deneriaz met journalists today at the Press Centre in S. Cristina. "The piste is very fast and Cuche is the opponent to beat".
Having had an unconvincing start to the season, the downhill expert Antoine Deneriaz now seems ready to take his place among the best. “This summer, for various reasons, I wasn’t able to prepare myself as I would have liked. In Lake Louise I achieved positive results for the first time and am now convinced I can return to the top. The winner of the last Olympic Games as well as a two-time winner in Val Gardena in 2002 and 2003, ranked 3rd and 5th in the two practice runs. “In these last two days Didier Cuche has proven to be in excellent form, but there are many contenders for first place. The piste is very fast and I am happy to have performed well in the tricky Ciaslat section. The Swiss and Canadians seem to be the most in form, but you can never count the Austrians out.”
Asked what his chances were in tomorrow’s Super-G Deneriaz replied: “I am hopefully optimistic as in Canada at Lake Louise I managed to achieve a convincing 5th place. Of course, I have never won in this discipline in the World Cup.”
Antoine Deneriaz was born in Bonneville in France, but lives in Lausanne in Switzerland. He did his BA in mathematics and biology and his favourite hobbies are cycling, golf, motorcycling, cinema and music. For more info you can consult his website on