Ski World Cup Grand Prix in Gardena/Alta Badia(1)

Statement of Stefania Demetz, President of the Organising Committee of the Val Gardena World Cup.

Stefania Demetz, the Organising Committee of the Val Gardena World Cup was also satisfied with the decisions taken in Zurich.
 “This is an important recognition by the Ski institutions for our Organising Committee”, she stated. “A recognition that awards the work done by all of the collaborators from the origins in the ‘60’s to date, both the farsightedness and the innovation adopted by pioneers in more widespread areas such as marketing and strategic choices.  We’ve been working constantly to give our event a more professional edge and this has been recognised on an international level”. To date, Val Gardena has organised approximately 50 competitions, without forgetting the great events that became a part of history such as the world championships of the ‘70’s and the finals of 1975.  “Today, this certainly brings an important, stimulating prospective for a future that sees us consolidated among the greatest organisers of alpine skiing”, concludes Demetz.