Honour to the Journalists

Prominent ski journalists have been thanked and honoured by the FIS at yesterday’s Champions Rendezvous.

Christian Knauth, director of marketing and communication of FIS, along with Stefania Demetz, President of the Saslong Classic Club OC and Ambros Hofer, President of the Tourism Association of Gröden / Val Gardena, thanked and honoured selected journalists for their achievements in promoting the ski sport and awarded each one with a beautiful crystal globe during the Champoins Rendezvous at the Mauriz Keller in St.Ulrich/Ortisei.
The celebration, which was hosted by the Tourism Board of St.Ulrich/Ortisei, was well received by everyone. Ski celebrities of the past such as Bojan Krijai, Franz Heinzer, Roland Collombin, Günther Mader, Max Rauffer, Markus Wasmaier or Bernhard Russi took the opportunity to interact with Overall World Cup champions such as Peter Lüscher, Michel Jacot-Henry, Paul Accola, Michela Figini, Hanny Wenzel-Weirather, Andy Wenzel, Erika Reymond-Hess, Piero Gros, Tamara Mc Kinney and Gustav Thöni.

Honoured journalists:

Herbert Jung, Bild Zeitung
Josef Keel, Blick
Patrick Lang Biorama
Gianni Merlo, La Gazzetta dello Sport
Josef Metzger, Die Presse
Mario Rall, Blick
Felix Reidhaar, Neue Züricher Zeitung
Corinne Schlatter, Neue Züricher Zeitung
Otto Schöpf, Dolomiten