The Heilousn in Party Mood also in Summer

It was their good mood and hospitality that convinced the Jury last winter and they showed that they can also celebrate in the summer. Recently, the Heilousn, winners of last year’s fan competition claimed their prize.

After 2012 and 2013, the followers of Dominik Paris won the coveted fan club victory for the third time and were invited to St.Ulrich. A cable railway and enjoyable hike, the group was led to the Rasciesa/Ratschötz Alm and the nearby summit cross which also provided the background for an exclusive foto shoot. The party continued for a long time at a nearby hut accompanied by the enthusiastic guitar sounds of Günter Comploj. 

A special highlight was a visit to Café Soviso in Ortisei/St.Ulrich. The Heilousn were welcomed by former ski racer and Café host Lotte Nogler who shared stories of her time competing in the internal ski sport circuit.