Star as new Symbol

Star as new Symbol

Star as new Symbol

World Cup Gardena-Gröden is introducing a new image right in time for the 40th anniversary.

Starting today, a dynamic star will identify the renowned ski race globally and grace official documents, clothing and banners. We decided that the design of a star best symbolizes the Ski World Cup races in Gardena-Gröden.

The new logo displays a star in blue and golden colors. The star represents top-performances by athletes and excellent professional achievements by the World Cup organizers staging the races. The logo is complemented by the text: “Passion and Performance”, a claim that highlights the entire team’s dedication to the implementation of the Super G and the downhill races.

The highest point of the star represents our mountains. There are several white and golden stripes across the remaining part of the star and they figuratively represent the playing field for excellent achievements in sport. The dynamic white stripes symbolize the Saslong racing course, where the competitions are taking place, while the golden stripes trace the optimal racing lines towards a victory course on the same World Cup slope.

Gardena-Gröden has held 62 international races in its 40 years of World Cup history. Over all these years innumerable volunteers have contributed to the successful staging of these events with their relentless dedication. The notion “Passion and Performance” represents a central theme, or the key “gene” of Saslong Classic Club and stands for value, culture and history of our sport association, its leadership and all its members.

Over the last four decades several different logos have been used to represent the international ski races in Gardena-Gröden. Starting in 1970 with the Alpine Ski World Championships, the logo was derived from the existing Ski-Club logo with three circles and a conjunctive ski representing the three villages in the Gardena-Gröden valley. A new logo in 1975 was based on a stylized “G” for Gardena-Gröden. Since then, Saslong Classic Club, the organizer of the World Cup races in Gardena-Gröden, employed a visual developed by Erich Demetz and consisting of a stylized mountain representing the Saslong mountain and the wording “Saslong Classic”. This logo was then adapted to better capture the specifics of the event such as “The Ski World Cup at Christmas“, “Audi FIS Ski World Cup”, “50th Saslong Classic”, “Gardena Gröden”. The new logo will replace all of the above and merge all of the different captures into one single brand.

Corporate Identity
The corporate identity integrates all aspects of one company, including content, communication and visual identity. A company’s corporate identity defines corporate behavior, corporate culture, corporate communication and corporate design. Above all, it represents the company’s philosophy, thereby setting strategic direction and providing a base for all its activities (Source: IFAM, Institut für angewandte Marketing-Wissenschaften BDU Komma -Kommunikation im Marketing)

The new Corporate Identity has been developed by Dutch-based agency TOTAL IDENTITY after lengthy research into the past, present and future of the international racing history in Gardena-Gröden in close cooperation with the Saslong Classic Club. 

“Finding a visual common ground representing all stakeholders was probably the biggest challenge in the development of the identity” says TOTAL IDENTITY. The new visual identity should not sever the connection to Gardena-Gröden but provide an image that is compatible with the international ski arena, lends itself as an umbrella brand and still provides the desired independence of the Saslong Classic Club. Compromises were necessary to deliver clarity and demarcation: Gardena’s “G”, the Saslong, the South Tyrol brand area are all very strong and widely known symbols. It was therefore necessary to create an image that has an expressive and punchy presence in order to survive. Instead of indulging in the successes of the past Saslong Classic Club wanted to open themselves to the future and be ready to take on what it holds.