Technical Delegate: “Slope is frightening!”

The FIS technical delegate Thomas Gurzeler is Swiss, 55 years old and lives in Arosa, a small town in the Grigione canton at 1,800 meters above sea level. He will track step by step two electrifying World Cup racing days and is already impressed by the spectacularity of the racing course.

“The decision will be made airborne, between jumps and the excitement is guaranteed. At the same time, all precautions have been taken to ensure safety”. Mr. Gurzeler appears to be a posed and quiet but can command the respect if necessary, a quality necessary for the role he plays.
Mr. Gurzeler has span the entire spectrum of amateur racing skier to organizer. “I only raced at FIS events, then spent time organizing and since 1988 I’ve been active as a Technical Delegate. It is my first time here at the World Cup in Gardena-Gröden.” He is married, has two daughters and is a great sport fan, particularly of winter sports.