Two New Jumps

The Saslong Jump and the heightened Finish Jump will boost the excitement at this year’s speed races on the Saslong.

Snow conditions on the Saslong are optimal; the course preparation practically has been completed weeks ago. Race Director Rainer Senoner elucidates the novelties which racers and spectators can look forward to. “The slope has been widened at the Finish Schuss, the Finish Jump slightly repositioned and heightened. The Finish Schuss was restructured primarily to increase safety as it causes difficulties to the racers. It will stretch to about 30 to 40 meters.”

Newly introduced is the so-called Saslong Jump past the first wall. This jump will stretch to about 25 to 30 meters according to Race Director Mr. Senoner. Racers can expect a few blows on the Ciaslat section this year.