4th Team Captain Meeting

TD Thomas Gurzeler and Race Director Günther Hujara praised the good Super-G course conditions at today’s fourth and last Team Captain Meeting. Mr. Hujara also added that any issues involving back protectors were resolved.

FIS Technical Delegate Mr. Gurzeler said that today’s Super-G turned out as good as one could have hoped for and that the slope was already in perfect conditions long before the race.

By way of introduction, FIS Chief Race Director Mr. Hujara states that he is pleased with the strong interest shown by the media, particularly TV, emphasizing their importance to the future development of the ski sport. “We have been able to broadcast very impressive images to the entire world. This was true advertisement for the ski sport” says Mr. Hujara. As positive were his impressions of the course preparation at the Finish Schuss. “The improvements have turned out a good investment. That has become apparent today. Skiers’ safety has increased, it opened up new possibilities in setting the course thus giving the audience at the finish a more suspenseful race”

As for the recently discussed problem with the size of back protectors, Mr. Hujara confirmed at the Team Captain meeting that all issues have been resolved.

OC Race Director Rainer Senoner expressed his gratitude to FIS Director Helmuth Schmalzl for his ongoing support all through last summer in turning the Saslong into an even better course. OC Chairman Edmund Dellago added that the team will kick off preparations for next year’s race on January 2.