Stefania Demetz: “Unprecedented joy”

Organizing Committee CEO Stefania Demetz is delighted. The Ski World Cup week in Gardena-Gröden has been an all-accomplished success. “Everybody has been full of compliments including CONI President Petrucci. Gratitude goes to the entire staff of 800 people.”

Cheery, smiling and delighted. Stefania Demetz has been leading the operative side of the races since 2000 and knows that the week has been a success both from an operational as well as an athletic standpoint. Everything went well thanks to the unflagging dedication of the entire team. “Under stress and driven by the desire to execute a perfect event I might be a little hard on my colleagues at times but I also know that they are unmatched in terms of dedication, professionalism and commitment. Just today I said that I want them by my side for the next 40 years of World Cup.”

The celebration was a success, embellished by a visit from CONI President Giovanni Petrucci. “I was surprised by the number of supporters whose cheers created a loud but also well choreographed atmosphere at the Finish area.” And we are on for next year. “We will take a few well deserved weeks of vacation before kicking off preparations for the World Cup in 2008.  We certainly hope to be part of it again and will do our best.” Certain is that this year’s efforts have turned out a success: no major issues and above all no major injuries. Gardena-Gröden remains a role model: a unique course and a staff that exceeds expectations.