Mai così tanti Fan Club

Sono 15 i Fan Club arrivati quest’anno in val Gardena per assistere alla gara. Ora stanno sfilando nella zona d’arrivo della Saslong e sarà premiato il migliore.
350 fans from 15 fan clubs have come to Gardena-Gröden. Local OC member Günter Comploj is providing support: “We never had that many fan clubs come to celebrate the race her on the Saslong. The number has been increasing year after year.” As we write, fan clubs are entering the Saslong stadium in a parade formation. A jury will rank them handing the “Best Fan Club” award to the one with the most promising rooting ability. Current favourites are the clubs supporting Kurt “Sulzi” Sulzenbacher and Patrick “Staudi” Staudacher. Both club are represented by over 50 diehard fans.