Friday's program for Gardena-Gröden

Friday is fully planned on the slope and beyond: a busy entertainment program starting at 8:00 am through the night is on offer in addition to the Super-G scheduled to start at 12:15 pm.

08.00 am         Eva’s World Cup Cocktail „Saslong“ (Cafè Andy, St. Christina)

10.00 am         Fan Club Morning Brunch with DJ Support (Hofer’s Alm Piz 5, St. Christina)

11.30 am         Warm-up for the Race (Saslong Stadium, St. Christina)

12.15 pm         Start Super-G

2.00 pm           World Cup Adventures Après Race Party (St. Christina) und Fan Club Party (Hofer’s Alm Piz 5, St. Christina)

3.00 pm           Après Ski World Cup Party with Willy from Mallorca and Spaghettata (St. Christina, Pizzeria Maciaconi)

5.45 pm           Passion & Performance: Award Ceremony Super-G, Tribute to Jean Daniel Dätwyler, Bib draw Downhill (Antonius Square, Ortisei-St. Ulrich)

8.30 pm           World Cup Adventures (St. Christina)

9.00 pm           Downhill Finish Area Party (Hotel Florian – Pedes Lounge Bar, Finish Area, St. Christina)