Traffic regulations during the World Cup week

Streets in St.Christina are closed off or have limited access during the World Cup week to give spectators the best possible access to the Finish area.

There is an absolute stopping restriction on the Street leading to the Ruacia parking lot and along the Gardena-Gröden river up to the road leading to Monte Pana and on to the Hotel Post as mandated by the mayor of Selva-Wolkenstein. The restriction is valid on the Friday, 12/19 and Saturday, 12/20 from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

The same restriction also applies to the rural road starting from the main road close to the Hotel Alpenroyal (SS 242) up to the bridge over the Cisles river in the vicinity of the Hotel Kristiania.

There is also an entry restriction on the Plan-de-Tieja Street from the ANRI plant to the intersection at Maciaconi.

Furthermore, a full driving restriction is in place for all vehicles on the street leading from the main road to the Ruacia parking lot on Saturday, 12/20.