Fill and Heel harbor all the hope for the Italian team

Peter Fill and Werner Heel seemed the most prepared among the Italian team judging from the two training runs.

Local favorite Peter Fill from nearby Castelrotto-Kastelruth placed 20th and 25th, respectively in yesterday’s and today’s race while Werner Heel placed 17th and 26th, respectively. The other results for the Italian team were as follows: Patrick Staudacher 30th yesterday and 40th today, Walter Girardi 51st yesterday and disqualified today, Elmar Hofer 51st yesterday and 48th today and Aronne Pieruy 59th yesterday and 55th today. The most motivated on the skies is probably Fill who finally wants to show a good placing to his fans on this World Cup course so close to his home, however, the one in best form is probably Heel.