Fan clubs: more than ever before

404 fans split among 15 clubs will visit the World Cup races in Gardena-Gröden. That is more than ever before. The fans of Super-G World Champion Patrick Staudacher took home the winning prize last year but will have to put in every effort if they want to repeat their victory.

A total of 300 followers travelled to Gardena-Gröden last year and this year more than 400 fans have already registered for the races on Friday and Saturday. The latest additions were the fan clubs for Hermann Maier and Michael Walchhofer as well as the “Staud Go” fan club. Staudi-fans feel the pressure the most: they won the fan club prize last year. This year’s prize for best and most creative club will include a summer visit to Gardena-Gröden.


Highlight for the fans is Saturday’s Downhill. The group of clubs will enter the Finish stadium as a group before the races and the entertainment will kick off with a Fan Party at 10:00 am each day.