Werner Heel wins Super-G

Defago, Heel, Järbyn

Defago, Heel, Järbyn

It is one of the local contenders who provided a surprising result at the Super-G in Gardena-Gröden. Werner Heel won the race ahead of Didier Defago (SUI; 0.43 seconds) and Patrick Jaerbyn (SWE; 0.46 seconds). On the other had, the race’s favorites delivered a weak performance.

Looks like bib numbers were influential in deciding the Super-G in Gardena-Gröden favoring the earlier starters. Didier Defago is the only one who managed to ski into the top seven starting with bib 15.  Placing in the top six were skiers starting with bib one to five.

Nevertheless, Werner Heel out-skied his competition. Didier Defago came closest with a 0.43 second delay, while the difference between Defago and Didier Cuche who placed 10th was also just 0.44 seconds.

It is the group of favorites who had to struggle with adverse weather conditions and, thus, were not able to keep up with the leading times. Super-G titans Didier Cuche and Hermann Maier placed 9th and 10th, respectively, with a delay of just below 0.8 seconds.