Saturday’s program for Gardena-Gröden

The entire valley is ready to celebrate Werner Heel’s victory in the Super-G on the Saslong. Sports enthusiasts can start early with the extensive entertainment program that kicks-off early and will culminate with the Downhill at 12:15 pm. This is how Saturday is shaping up:

8:00 am Eva’s World Cup Cocktail “Saslong” (Café Andy, St. Christina)
8:30 am Wake-up call in the valley
10:00 am Fanclub-meeting with morning brunch and DJ (Hofer’s Alm Piz 5, St.Christina)
10:00 am Morning Brunch with live music along the World Cup course (Saslonch Lodge)
10:45 am Fanklub-Parade (Finish Stadium, St. Christina)
11:00 am Passion & Performance (Finish Stadium, St. Christina)
12:15 pm Downhill (Saslong, St. Christina)
2:00 pm Award Ceremony Men’s Downhill (Finish Stadium, St. Christina)
2:00 pm Aprčs-Ski ”Texas Aprčs Race Party“ (Hofer’s Alm Piz 5, St.Christina)
2:00 pm “World Cup Party Heustadl 2008” with DJ Alex & Matty Valentino (Heustadl, St.Christina)
3:00 pm Aprčs-Ski ”Pizza Happy Hour” & DJ Willy from Mallorca (Pizzeria Maciaconi, St.Christina)
8:30 pm Rock-Night (St. Christina)