Osborne-Paradis: “It was an advantage that everybody was focused on Guay”

“Walchhofer did an almost perfect run including Ciaslat where he took his clear lead” says Osborne-Paradis.

“Ciaslat is the key section and always very hard to ski. You are coming with a lot of speed from the Camel Humps and you have to take every turn the right way. I could have placed better if I skied perfectly” explains the surprising bronze medalist Manual Osborne-Paradis. “I never expected to ski such a good race. I totally botched the second training run, but that is of no importance on the day of the race. I am always more energized during the race” adds Osborne-Paradis.

The Canadian continues: “I keep saying it: nobody cares if you die in a training run” Which is why it is an advantage if everyone is focused on Erik Guay. We are a still a young team and don’t know how to deal with being in the spotlight.”

Osborne-Paradis also had some comments on Hermann Maier’s words (“I was so bored that I started thinking about my Christmas list”): “I can’t argue with Hermann Maier that the run was somewhat boring. But, how boring can a course be if there is a 50-meter jump in the middle of it.”