Consolation prize for Innerhofer: “His Fan Club wins first prize”

This year’s competition for best and most original Fan Club goes to the entourage of Christof Innerhofer. Almost 100 fans came to lend their support to the South Tyrolean skier who finished the race with a delay of just under four seconds. The Club distinguished itself from all others at the Finish by bringing a life-size replica of the skier on a goat-lead wagon.

The Finish Stadium at the Saslong was as packed as ever. More than 7000 spectators came to pay their tribute to the world’s best Downhill athletes at the Finish and along the course. 15 Fan Clubs added to the spirit filling the fan stands with exuberant energy. A total of 600 fans came to Gardena-Gröden. More than ever before. But it isn’t just the number of fans that increased, their level of enthusiasm took off as well. And it is Christof’s Fan Club that set a new level. They entered the Finish stadium with a life-sized replica of the skier mountd on a billy-goat-drawn carriage – a play on the fact that Innerhofer is a native from nearby Gais, which means “goat” in colloquial German.

The hot-air balloon of Innerhofer was in the squat position and was kept inflated by a small fire. Maybe this was an effort by the Fan Club to light a fire under his rear? Either way, it didn’t work. But at least Innerhofer can find solace that his Fan Club won the first prize.