5 Questions for Course Director Horst Demetz

Horst Demetz

Horst Demetz

This fall a few renovation works will have to be completed on the Saslong course ahead of two World Cup races in December and before the real snow arrives. We spoke to ...

.... Course Director Horst Demetz on the progress of these activities. Since 2000, Mr. Demetz has been responsible for the maintenance and preparation of the racing course jointly with experts from the International Ski Federation FIS and the lift company.

How are the works proceeding?
We have started on October 5th. Eleven individuals split into two teams have set up the safety nets, completed the mowing, prepared the camera locations and re-organized our materials in stock. The lift company on its part has positioned and checked all snow cannons.

Are there any technical innovations?
After the recent broadening of the course we limited our changes to small adjustments at the Ciaslat entry. We have increased the safety distance in this technically demanding section between spectators and photographers on one side and the athletes on the other as requested by FIS to offer optimal safety conditions. This will also improve the vantage point of the live-cameras on Ciaslat. 

How many safety nets have you installed?
Our specialists have attached 5,000 meters type-A nets along the course which measures a total length of 3,446 meter.  Type-B nets will be installed at a later point when adequate snow levels cover the ground.

How many snow cannons have been set-up?
The lift company has 119 machines at its disposal. About 63 to 65 of them will be in use on the Saslong.

When will they be switched on?
As soon as the temperatures fall… Unlike last year we have obtained the necessary water concession from the regional government starting two weeks earlier meaning that the lift company could start withdrawing water and filing its reservoir as early as October 15 being ready to start the pumping snow with the first cold snap.