Men’s Downhill: Comments after race course inspection

After yesterday’s Super-G, today the race everybody has been waiting for, the main race of Gardena/Groeden: the Men’s Downhill.The conditions for an exciting Downhill race are perfect. Patrick Staudacher commented after having inspected the piste: „The race course is in excellent condition, only the fresh snow in the top section is not ideal.“

There is a in fact a little bit of fresh snow on the upper section of the race course, however it should soon disappear from the piste.
Racers, coaches and experts all agree: The Saslong is in excellent condition. The Commentator for the Austrain TV ORF, Hans Knauss, actually raves after the piste inspection: „This compact combination of both natural and artificial snow, completely free of icy passages, is a real treat for the athletes. The motto must be: All out attack!“
After local hero Werner Heel has been ruled unfit to race with a strained ligament, Patrick Staudacher is  the last big hope.  Having achieved third place in yesterday’s Super-G, he is quite confident for today. After the piste inspection Staudi is definitely convinced that he once again has a chance to be among the fastest racers.