Head to head race at the fan club parade

Unfortunately Christof Innerhofer and Patrick Staudacher were a disappointment at this year’s Downhill race, their fan clubs on the other hand fought an exciting duel at the fan club parade. In the end Innerhofer’s fans just managed to win and repeat last year’s success. The winners receive an excursion with surprise lunch in Gardena/Groedn for all their members in the summer of 2010.

All in all it was the most exciting fan club parade ever. There were 14 different fan clubs with over 500 participants. Eventually Christof Innerhofer’s fans just managed to keep their noses in front again. Whereas their idol, winner of the Downhill race in Bormio in 2008 was left way behind by the other racers, his loyal fans from Gais  (a little village in South Tyrol) managed to repeat last year’s victory. However, this year it was much tougher. On the one hand the „Inner“-fans couldn’t bring their live mascots – little goats from Gais –with them as this year it was far too cold and on the other hand the competition had stepped up. Having clearly lost the fan contest last year, Staudacher’s fans gave it their all this time round. And no doubt „Staudi’s „ 3rd place in yesterday’s Super-G gave them a huge boost. In the end, however, the Innerhofer fans just managed to pull it off and can look forward to a fantastic excursion in Gardena/Groeden this summer.