Stefania Demetz: The sport is the winner

Gardena/Groeden once again produced an excellent performance, both on and off the piste.
“ I am of course very satisfied with this World Cup week”, a smiling Stefania Demetz, General Manager of the Organizing Committee of the Saslong Classic Club, comments.

“We had two very technical races with a piste in perfect condition. We got compliments from both the athletes and their coaches, we had fantastic TV images which showed both a mix of great sport and beautiful winter sceneries.”
And the spectators were brilliant too. “I was particularly pleased to see the stand reserved for school children full, but even the other areas were all sold out, from the VIP section to the fan stands.”
Regarding safety on the piste: “The first day, together with the jury, we applied some modifications. The perfect conditions of the race course were guaranteed thanks to the fantastic work of our staff. Already at 6.30am all were ready to clean the piste and later on the jury found a piste that looked as though it had never snowed the evening before. They really did a great job.”
Did you even speak to the president  of the FISI, Morzenti?
“We decided that we would meet soon. It is true that the race is important for the valley, but not only. It is also very important for the sport. Because we, first of all, promote the sport.”
At the end Stefania Demetz thanks all the staff. “I really want to thank all the collaborators with all my heart. They really understood what we wanted to transmit with this manifestation. It is always a challenge which we manage to win thanks to the work of every single person.”
Let’s look forward to next year and another exciting World Cup in Gardena/Groeden.