Ready for winter

Infront TV professionals have paid a visit to the Saslong World Cup course Tuesday, august 31st  to decide on the positioning of the TV cameras for the upcoming Super-G and the Downhill races. An additional camera will be capturing the skiers on the renowned Hump Backs:

“We want viewers at home to feel the distance and height the athletes are reaching” explains the well-known director Sandro De Manicor. Race Director Rainer Senoner stated that the Saslong course is establishing itself as a “modern course”. It is safe, spectacular and allows for maximum creativity when setting the course. This, adds Mr. Senoner, is what will be captured by the cameras during the live broadcast. “Each year the director is telling the story of this race anew”. Indeed, Mr. De Manicor’s intention is to ensure that viewers immediately recognize the distinctiveness of the racing course and the uniqueness of Gardena/Gröden. Approximately 23 cameras will be installed including the slightly repositioned camera crane on the Ciaslat meadow.

Present at the course viewing were Sandro De Manicor, Roberta Lumina of Infront, Gardena/Gröden World Cup General Manager Stefania Demetz, Race Director Rainer Senoner and Course Director Horst Demetz. The walk started at the mountain station of Ciampinoi (2249m) down to the arrival at Ruacia (1410m).