Club5+: Viktor Gertsch 1st Honorary Member

At the FIS Autumn Meetings in Zürich this week, Viktor Gertsch from Wengen was unanimously elected as the first Club5+ Honorary Member.

“We all are extremely grateful for all the hard work done and the vision Viktor provided during his many years as President”, Srecko Medven President of Club5+ said.

Viktor Gertsch, one of the founding members of the Club5 in 1986, served as a member of the organization´s board from 1986-2010, and as President from 2006 until 2010. Besides his duties with the Club5+, Gertsch has been President of the classical Wengen OC since 1970.
During his years as a member of  Club5+ Viktor has seen the original group of five members grow to represent 14 classical race organizers.

“I’m very honored to become the first honorary member of the Club5 and look forward to contributing to the advancement of Club 5 in the world of ski sport,” Viktor sad.