Interview with Stefania Demetz and Marcello Varallo

Marcello Varallo and Stefania Demetz

Marcello Varallo and Stefania Demetz

What makes Gardena-Groeden and Alta Badia so attractive for media, visitors and athletes?
Stefania Demetz/Marcello Varallo: Maybe we are not exactly the best people to answer this question and you would...

have to ask those directly impacted. We imagine that the long tradition and classic aspect of both World Cup venues play a big part in attracting media, visitors and athletes. Add to that our combined efforts to offer the best possible conditions. And, last but not least, let’s not forget the panorama, culture, language, tradition and special holiday atmosphere.

What can athletes and visitors expect to see at the World Cup races in Gardena-Gröden and Alta Badia?
S.D./M.V.: We want to offer sport and entertainment at their highest level. This includes the athletic performances by the athletes, their safety and the well-being of our audience. Visitors can choose from a wide range of options to experience the races up-close and personal including, for example, the Jäger Hut located just beneath the Camel Humps in Gardena-Gröden or the Red Bull Lounge in Alta Badia. Then we also have the highly sought-after VIP areas. Gardena-Gröden and Alta Badia are once again offering the VIP-Hospitality tent as well as the “Haus Südtirol” with an impressive range of culinary delights for our most sophisticated guests. Die-hard fans, on the other hand, will be made welcome on the dedicated Fan Stands in the arrival areas.

Why do Gardena-Gröden and Alta Badia increasingly present themselves as a joint event?
S.D./M.V.: The cooperation dates back a long time. We’ve always cooperated closely on a technical level and, furthermore, introduced a joint trophy for the best placed athletes of all races in both valleys. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of FIS we introduced a common accreditation system for all media representatives. Increasingly we are also jointly marketing the three or four races in the Dolomites both in Italy as well as on an international level. This is why we held joint press conferences both in Innsbruck (Austria) as well as Bolzano-Bozen (Italy). The higher the level of our events, the closer we have to cooperate. This will further strengthen our efforts allowing us to enhance our synergies and reduce our costs.