40 Years Alpine Ski World Championships 1970

40 years have passed since Gardena-Gröden hosted the Ski World Championships. This was the first large international ski event in Italy following the 1956 Winter Olympic Games in Cortina.

The technical and organizational complexity was accordingly large and the Ski WC lead to an enormous economic boost in Gardena-Gröden.

Eric Demetz: “As a founder and Race Director of the 1970 WC I would like to take this opportunity to remember a friend who is no longer with us: Tschucky Kerschbaumer. As the chairman of the WC Executive Committee Tschucky was already devoted to the cause during the 1967 candidature in Beirut, Lebanon where Gardena-Gröden defeated Garmisch-Partenkirchen, St.Moritz, Kitzbühel, Banff, Jackson Hole and Naeba.”

Edmund Dellago, General Secretary of the 1970 WC: “I still remember fondly the enthusiasm of and support by the entire population of Gardena-Gröden. Furthermore, I am delighted to know that the technologies we introduced have become standard and dominant within the Alpine Ski World.”

Gardena-Gröden has invited the 1970 Ski WC gold medalists and they will be honored during the Super-G award ceremony on Friday, December 17th on the Antonius Square in Ortisei-St.Ulrich.