Comprehensive Internet Presence with Texts, Pictures and Video

The Internet site of World Cup Gardena-Gröden, will provide a comprehensive level of services during this year’s races. A strong editorial team composed of...

seven-people is reporting live from Gardena-Gröden including journalists, translators, photographers and video- journalists. There will be several site regarding services such as ticketing, accessibility, directions, parking, programs and lodging. will also have results, historic information, reportages, statements by athletes and more. We hope that will be your go-to- point during the Gardena-Gröden racing week.

Our team is dedicated to provide the fastest reporting. In prior years, was visited by up to 50,000 ski fans and almost 300,000 sites were accessed. Over 85 news items were published in three languages in the five days leading up to as well as during the races.