The foundation “Südtiroler Sparkasse” backs „Passion & Performance“

The foundation “Südtiroler Sparkasse” will once again provide generous support of “Passion & Performance”, the culturally relevant...

entertainment program during the World Cup skiing races in Gardena-Gröden. The international “Bojan Ristic Brass Band” will provide some ethnical tunes during this year’s award ceremony and bib lottery in Ortisei-St.Ulrich. The brass band conists mainly of Roma musicians and hails all the way from the Balkans where in 2004 it won the Golden trumpet medal at Guča, the largest trumpet festival in the world. They continued their success at Guča by winning the award for best orchestra in 2008. The band’s tunes have been made brought to a larger audience by the esteemed film director Emir Kusturiča. The band’s distinctive style of music differs from others in Eastern Europe and is sometimes characterized by its complex and fast rhythms which will be heard during the World Cup skiing days in Gardena-Gröden. The brass music from the Balkans has its origins in the 19th century and has subsequently been adopted and enhanced by Roma.  This Gypsy brass (also called Čoček) was influenced by Southeastern European ethnic groups and Ottoman military bands scattered across the Balkan region.
This financial backing is another demonstration of the foundation’s engagement and support of cultural events in South Tyrol including the culturally highly rated World Cup in Gardena-Gröden.