reporting 24/7 from Gardena-Gröden

The game is on! The team is at the starting gate ready for the next adventure. And this year is packed with all kinds of novelties. In addition to the news, videos and live-ticker, the 43rd edition of the Saslong Classic will introduce an online press clippings service. You can also follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter ( to stay abreast of the most recent developments.

This year’s team is comprised of ten people under the capable leadership of Gernot Mussner. We will offer texts, pictures, videos and more – all in real time.
The day-to-day team coordinator is Thomas Ohnewein, assisted by Matteo Igini as well as Kathrin Dellago. In addition, the team is complemented by Christian Plankl who joined this year to conduct video interviews while Wolfi Resch will continue to collect audio interviews with athletes immediately at the conclusion of each race. Pictures are made available by Robert Perathoner and Alexander Stuffer while the technical side of the internet presence is supported by Katharina Gräber, Klaus Kaserer and Pauli Wanker.