The first Training in fast Motion

Missed the first training? No problem. We have kept good notes…

11:55 | The first Downhill Training begins at 12:15. The online editorial team will be commenting from noon onwards.
12:09 | Training is starting in a few minutes from the regular start. A potential move of the start was in question due to heavy winds.
12:10 | The first forerunner has already started.
12:15 | The seventh and last forerunner just arrived to the finish and Tobias Grünenfelder is opening the 1st training run on time.
12:16 | Grünenfelder already scored a Super-G in Lake Louise.
12:17 | The first benchmark has been set: 2:03.39 minutes which is exactly 2 seconds over the 2009 winner's time. Looks like the course is fast this year.
12:18 | Rok Perko has started. This athlete from Slovenia has won the Marzola-Prize for best emerging skier on the Saslong.
12:19 | The course is hard and fast.
12:20 | Werner Heel has been quoted on saying that this year the course is packed with hidden bumps.
12:21 | Rok Perko is clearly slower than the leading Grünenfelder.
12:22 | Ambrosi Hoffman, third-placed from last year, is on the course.
12:23 | The French man Poisson has taken the lead clocking a time of 2:01.65 minutes. This is barely slower than last year's winning time of Osborne-Paradis.
12:24 | Patrik Jaerbyn has taken the lead. The "old timer" from Sweden is already 41 years old but still wicked fast.
12:27 | Jaerbyn at the finish: "The run wasn't optimal, I even had my skis sideways at one point."
12:29 | The first Austrian, Klausi Kröll, has started.
12:31 | Kröll ticks a fantastic time of 2:00.86 minutes. It won't take much longer until the 2 minute mark is broken.
12:31 | Kröll's Finish jump was very long.
12:31 | Hans Olsson from Sweden is now on the course. He is a Twitter champion among the Downhill crew...
12:32 | Check out his blog and twitter posts. It's worth it.
12:33 | In the meantime, Eric Guay has arrived at the finish. He has definitely pulled off the gas-petal approaching the finish as not to reveal too much too early.
12:34 | Problems with Weibrecht (USA) at the finish. He avoids a fall but his time is not too good.
12:35 | The first local favorite Christof Innerhofer has started.
12:36 | Christof has never really clicked too well with the Saslong. He is behind by a second on this first training run, which isn't that much. There is hope for the race.
12:37 | Peter Fill is the next local favorite to start. He lives only a few km from the Saslong. He had to skip Gardena-Gröden due to injury last year.
12:37 | Fill clocks a delay of 1.27 seconds.
12:37 | Big delay, almost four seconds, for Osborne-Paradis.
12:37 | Now it gets serious: last year's winner Manuel Osborne-Paradis has started.
12:38 | All the race's favorites are starting now. First off Michi Walchhofer.
12:39 | Arrived with a delay of 0.1 seconds behind the leading Klaus Kröll.
12:40 | Mario Scheiber is on the course now.
12:41 | The Austrian hits a bump and falls.
12:42 | Werner Heel has a good start, but the training has been temporarily halted.
12:45 | Current standing: Klaus Kröll is leading ahead of Michi Walchhofer and Patrik Jaerbyn.
12:46 | Werner Heel has been stopped and will not be able to redo the course from the start. Unlike the real race, if an athlete is stopped during a training run, he/she has to continue from where halted.
12:47 | Update on Mario Scheiber: he has not been injured and is skiing to the finish right now.
12:48 | Werner Heel is continuing his race from the Camel Humps.
12:49 | Heel has injured his knee here on the Saslong last year.
12:50 | We hope that he, along with all other athletes, will stay safe this year.
12:51 | Current leader Klaus Kröll from the Finish: "The course is in powerful conditions, just perfect. I didn't ski perfectly on Ciaslat but overall the training went all right.
12:51 | And the training continues with Carlo Janka who won silver at the Super-G last year. He clocks a delay of 2.6 seconds at the Finish.
12:52 | Aksel Lund Svindal has started. He won last year's Super-G.
12:53 | Svindal ranks 12th at the Finish.
12:54 | Legendary Didier Cuche from Switzerland has a fast run. Best intermediary time.
12:55 | Cuche takes a big leap at the Finish and clocks leading time.
12:56 | Will Cuche be able to capture his first Downhill gold in Gardena-Gröden. He has placed second twice...
12:57 | Bode Miller has no chance to match Cuche's time. Almost 2 seconds behind.
12:57 | Miller has once again landed in Gardena-Gröden on his RV. He is parked directly at the Finish and is apparently a large user of electricity. There is even rumor that the TV companies fear for a potential electricity shortage. No joke.
12:58 | Andrej Jerman is on the course. His run isn't very smooth but he still places 10th.
13:05 | Michael Walchhofer at the Finish: "That final jump is quite hard right at the end of a long race and it takes all your concentration!"
13:07 | The first 30 athletes have accomplished their first training run. But we'll be here until the last of the 88 racers have finished.
13:12 | A quick glance at the standings shows that it will probably take another seasoned skier this year to capture the win here on the Saslong. The youngest athletes placing well are Christof Innerhofer and Adrien Theaux, both 26 years old.
14:10 | Tim Siroki from Croatia has taken a fall at the Finish but luckily no injury.
14:24 | The first training on the Saslong is in the books. The news live ticker will continue tomorrow. The second training run will start at 12:15 pm and for the first time it is broadcast live on Eurosport.